Salman Khan Thanks People for watching Race 3, See What Trollers Replied

Salman Khan is known for his blockbuster films, anything that stars him is sure to be a hit. Especially during festival season. A few days ago this year’s Salman Eid gift was released, and even though it got mixed reviews, it became a sure blockbuster from day one. With film taking only three days to cross 100 crore mark. Which many movies take weeks to cross has blown away Salman’s mid. With such an overwhelming response, Salman took it to Twitter to say thank you to everyone who watched the movie.



He wrote, “I thank every 1 who has gone to see #Race3 in the theatres n each n every 1 individually for watching race n glad that u have liked n appreciated every 1s effort that was put in the movie. God bless sukhi raho n keep watching means a lot.”




Race 3 has set the box office on fire. But people who didn’t enjoy the movie and thought that Salman was offering a refund.

Here is what people replied with,

Kaju Katli
Thank you mat bolo…kisi bhi 3 Race3 audience ke paise lauta do..aur unko bolo ke wo agle 3 log ke paise lauta de.

Am glad that salman knows now that fans are not happy with race 3 ihave never seen him tweet abt his films when they released which is agood sign he should stop doin charity in his work fans have alot of expectations from bhai film but in race anil was having more screen time

✨Amany Salman✨
This is the first time you tweet something like that after the release of your movies? that means you know your fans real response n views but still they watch it only for you?







So, what did you think about Race 3? Did you enjoyed it, or according to many you only watched it because it’s Bhai’s film.
Well, we don’t know about you, but we are glad that the film is doing such a fantastic run on box office. And we hope that the upcoming movies of Salman do the same.

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