Snake Catcher Removes 45 Rattlesnakes Underneath Texas Home

Snake Catcher Nathan Hawkins slid into a shallow space beneath a house in the northern part of Texas, he only brought a flashlight, a pair of snake tongs, and a smartphone with him.

Western Diamondback Rattlesnakes could be seen all over in the video that was recorded by Nathan Hawkins, the video is around 18 minutes long. You can see the snakes crawling around.

Okay, here it is….. 45 rattlesnakes. Our day started off with a quick removal in Woodson, Texas. After the Woodson removal, we headed back south to a house between Baird and Albany. Due to the high winds, their tv/cable was acting up, so a gentleman crawled under to see what was going on. He saw a “few” snakes and quickly crawled out…. The interesting thing here was they only see a few each year, their yard was very well kept and their house was nice and clean…. My point is, we run into this scenario often, and people don’t think it can happen to them. As I stated in the teaser video, rattlesnakes don’t care how nice your house is or what kind car you drive- they care simply about survival. We arrived around lunchtime and as soon as I crawled under I could immediately see that there was far more than a “few.” 😜The video will take over from here… If you’d like an inspection/removal, need rattlesnake avoidance training for your dog, or are interested in snake-proof fencing, please let me know.

Posted by Big Country Snake Removal on Sunday, 17 March 2019

Hawkins slowly clamped down the snakes one-by-one by using his long snake tongs, you can also hear the snake rattling their tails in the video as they get dragged away.

Nathan is the owner of Big Country Snake Removal, on the video he posted on Facebook, he said, “There’s snakes everywhere under here”

The video that was posted by Nathan showed a den of rattlesnakes hidden under the house that is located around 200 miles west of Dallas-Fort Worth Area.

Snakes usually gather together in an area where they can be warm, this usually happens during winter, they then emerge in the spring season to breed and search food.

In the video, you can hear Nathan saying, “All right, guys, we’re fixing to start removing these. There’s quite a few. I’m guessing right now there’s probably 30 or 40 that we’re looking at, and everywhere you look there’s another one.”

Big Country Snake Removal is a company that specializes in snake removal, education about exotic animals, and inspections. They received a call from a house owner that said he saw a couple of snakes under his house while he was trying to fix the cable of their house. After Nathan and his partner went to the house, he inspected the area where the owner saw the rattlesnakes, Nathan said, “I could immediately see that there was far more than a ‘few.’ ”

As a matter of fact, there were a total of 45 Western Diamondback Rattlesnakes under the man’s house.

In a phone interview with a news company, Nathan Hawkins said that he has been studying snakes for around 20 years now, and called the encounter with the 45 Western Diamondback Rattlesnakes as “was nothing out of the ordinary for us.”

On March 13, 2019, Nathan Hawkins showed up at the house of the Texas man by wearing jeans, T-shirt, and boots. He immediately went to work after he saw the snakes, he started to remove the snakes one-by-one. Nathan also showed his containers full of noise making rattlesnakes.

Nathan added that the most number of snakes he has ever removed from a house was 88 snakes, yep you read that right, 88!!

Nathan said that he relocates the snakes at ranches that are really far from livestock and people.

Western Diamondback Rattlesnakes can live for more than twenty years and can also grow to six feet long. The Western Diamondback Rattlesnakes are usually found in the southwest part of America.

Western Diamondback Rattlesnakes use their venom to immobilize their prey, usually, they hunt for reptiles, birds, and small mammals. The Western Diamondback Rattlesnakes is also known to bite humans, as a matter of fact, these types of Rattlesnakes bite more than any other.

Nathan added that he can’t even count the number of time he has been bitten by snakes, but he said that he has been bitten 7 times by venomous snakes and all of them were not during his job.

Rattlesnakes are really dangerous when they are bothered, but are “no more dangerous than humans,” said Nathan while he was laughing.

Nathan added that rattlesnakes are not really the crazy ones, and are not mean like how we portray them. He added that snakes just want to be alone.

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