This Reason Behind Switzerland People Making Holes In Their Cows’ Stomachs Will Shock You

Some traditions appear beautiful, some weird, some annoying and some will simply leave you shocked. There are many customs we Indians follow that’ll shock the people abroad and the popular country Switzerland has an equally bizarre tradition, though it appears a bit crazy they actually have a good intention behind it.

In this day to day modernizing lifestyle, Swiss people has brought in a good idea in order to check the health status and nutrition levels of their cows.

People in Swiss fix the 8-inch cannulas on the sideways of their cow’s stomachs. These cannulas end up in their digestive track allowing farmers to examine it in order to see how the animal is processing food. It comes with rubber plugs at the end and can be shut when the farmers are done with his check.

On the otherwise, different types of oats and crops are poured in the cannulas in order to check the digestive tracks of the cows. Technically, this can be called as an experiment where Cannulas are inserted surgically and a rest period is given to the cow to recover from the procedure. After the rest period, the cow can be put under examination for testing of various crops in various procedures.

Kicking aside the earlier rumors which say that the life span of the cows will be decreased after this, the new scientific study proved that the fistulated cows, in general, can live long.

Now that after the scientific tests, people in other Western countries like the USA are adopting this technique and very soon this idea is about to hit India.

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