Texas: Indian Man Shots Wife Then Kills Himself

A couple was found dead inside their apartment in the suburb area of Texas, USA. The police say that this is a murder and suicide case.

The Texas police got a call on Monday morning, around 6 am. They rushed to Sugar Land were they found the dead bodies of 51-year-old Sreenivas Nakirekanti and 46-year-old Shanti Nakirekanti inside their house.

The police said that 46-year-old Shanti Nakirekanti had a gunshot wound on her head and was found dead in the driveway of their apartment on Pendergrass and Sheffield Court.

They also said that 51-year-old Sreenivas Nakirekanti was found dead inside one of the rooms in their apartment and had a gunshot wound on his chest, they also saw a handgun near the crime scene.

In an initial report, the police say that 51-year-old Sreenivas Nakirekanti killed his wife first then committed suicide inside the room.

The 16-year-old daughter of the couple was asleep when the incident happened, she even opened the door when the police came to investigate, she added that her dad was not opening the door of the bedroom and was not coming out.

Doug Adolph the Spokesman of the Sugar Land City said that the 16-year-old daughter is currently in the custody of her friends, she did not attain any injuries.

According to the friends of the family, the couple also have a son who is 21-years-old and goes to the University of Texas.

The SLDP (Sugar Land Police Department) said: “The two fatalities fits the scenario of a murder-suicide. This case is still under investigation, there is no danger to residents and SLPD is not looking for any suspects.”

The police said that the couple had no history in any criminal activities, the friends of the couple received and email from them, the police requested the friends to not share what the email contains.

51-year-old Sreenivas Nakirekanti was a director in an energy company that was based in Houston, and 46-year-old Shanti Nakirekanti was a programmer, close friends of the family said that they did not know any problems the two had.

A close friend for a long time said: “He’s one of the best friends for a lot of people, and his wife is known to a lot of people here in the community. They’re also involved in some charitable organizations. We are really shocked. What went on inside, we don’t know, so we’re trying to get more details from the police once they complete their investigation.”

The murder and suicide case is now being investigated and the police are hoping to solve it as fast as they can.


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