The Shameful Incident Outside A Famous Temple in Ujjain : Mahakal Temple

Temples are the sacred and peaceful place. People go to temples to pray. But in a very shameful incident, outside of a very famous temple in Ujjain, Mahakal Temple few flower vendors started fighting ruthlessly.

In the video which showcases the fight between vendors, asks the question of management and security in places like that.

From what is seen in the video, it’s not clear how and why this happened. But we could see not just a few guys fighting with each other but few women as well. Not only that a man is beating a woman with a stick and ruthlessly pushing and punching them.

ANI twitted this shameful incident video. They wrote,

#WATCH: A scuffle broke out between flower vendors near Ujjain’s ‘Mahakal Temple’. A case has been registered in the matter. #MadhyaPradesh




Such incident has raised a very serious question. Places like temples are a target for many terrorist groups if we don’t have proper security to contain a fight between few vendors on Street. How are we safe enough from more significant threats.

The video has gone viral on Twitter and people are making comments on such a shameful incident.




A Twitteratti said, “This incident shows that how much people of civilised society are insensitive no one come forward to stop this all are wondering around them and making a video some moran are tweeting that this is WWF if this all thing will have happened with them they believe same.”

Some people are requesting for strict action against the culprits, while most of the people online are angry over the incident and are asking questions where was the security. When this incident took place.

One can’t help but think, people who were there they didn’t stop the fight. Everyone is busy shooting the incident so that they can raise awareness. Perhaps the real awareness would be not asking people 100’s and 1000’s km away to do something about incidents like this, but to act if you are standing right next to it.




Some people also made fun of the incident, and a few compared this as more interesting than WWE.

The Shameful Incident Outside A Famous Temple in Ujjain : Mahakal Temple

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