These Indian Police Officers Can Beat Any Bollywood Actor in Body Building

When we talk about Indian police the only thing comes to our mind is unfit police officers but today after reading this article, you are going to think in another way. In Bollywood films, we have seen many police officers having a great body, but no one feels that in real life. Today, In this article we are going to tell you about 4 Indian police officers who can defeat any pro-builder in a bodybuilding competition.


So, here is a list of India’s bodybuilder’s police officers.

1. Kishor Dange



You will be dumbfounded after seeing Kishor Dange’s body. He is a constable in Maharashtra Police and is an idol for many bodybuilders and police officers too. Any Bollywood celebrity can get in shock after seeing his body. He had also won a gold medal in WPFG 2013. After seeing the Kishor Dange’s performance, Maharashtra police is also supporting him to maintain his body. He is doing bodybuilding from past 16 years along with his constable job.


2. Motilal Dayma



Motilal Dayma is a police constable at Indore and is practising bodybuilding from 2007. He has become the inspiration for most of the young bodybuilders. He wants to become the world champion at bodybuilding and is also working hard to fulfil his dream. His monthly salary is also not enough for, but he is still working hard at the gym every day to achieve his goals.


3. Sachin Atulkar



Sachin Atulkar is an IPS officer from Madhya Pradesh is a fitness freak like Kishore and Motilal. His good looks and bodybuilding can also beat any Bollywood actor. In the year 2017, his photos also started getting viral because of his charm and fitness. He loves to do exercise and bodybuilding because it keeps him fresh and stress-free life.


4. Tejinder Singh




Tejinder Singh is a police constable in Uttarakhand, he is also a fitness freak like other three bodybuilder police officers. He has a dream to become Mr Universe as he already had won many bodybuilding competitions.


These Indian Police officers are trying to change the image of police officer we have in our mind.