This Guy’s Innovative Resume Is Going Viral In Social Media. Check What’s So Special

We all know the struggles associated with finding a new job. It’s a bit challenging to the fresher’s to get into the competitive world at once. Often, getting that first interview is all about who you know, so if you don’t have a connection on the inside, you’re pretty much screwed.

Blindly applying online and e-mailing your resume is oftentimes the equivalent of throwing your information out of the window of a moving car — people will probably never see it.


This is especially true of competitive industries, so you need to get creative to make sure anyone’s going to give your resume a second, heck, even a first look.

So, here is a guy who played his resume game in the most amazing manner and made sure that no one could reject his application. In a way it wasn’t exactly meant to be a resume and neither a box of doughnuts. Surprised ? READ FURTHER.

The guy’s name is Lukas Yla who moved to San Francisco and was eagerly seeking for a job. However, he didn’t get one. He tried looking out for various jobs by sending in his resume, but nothing worked. But later on, he did something out of the BOX. He simply gave them a BOX. A box full of doughnuts.


Next, he disguised himself as a delivery man…

Lukas Yla even dressed like a normal delivery guy and personally delivered the box of doughnuts to potential employers and organizations. To make things look real, he took the pain of printing a real postman t-shirt.


His message was pretty clever too: “Most resumes end up in trash. Mine – in your belly.”

What made him different from many people was the way he had put up his resume. The creative genius hide his resume inside a box of delicious mini-doughnuts. He also added up his Linkedin profile link so that employers could contact him after they were done eating doughnuts. Read his resume letter!


Now, you’re probably wondering what made Yla decide to go with a box of doughnuts, exactly.


Well, because it’s awesome AF and if you ask me, giving someone a bunch of delicious doughnuts makes a way better first impression than handing over some shitty, boring cover letter.

The company’s name is ‘The Next Web’ and according to them, Lukas Yla has till now delivered 40 of these boxes and has received 10 calls for interview. By observing these stats, this deal seems worth trying for. 4 doughnuts for 1 call seems affordable (Desi Mindset). In short, a box like this can seal our deal with our dream job ! !

Now, what do you tell about this unique idea of approaching for a job. And please let us know, how you made your own way of getting a job in the comments section below.

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