This Mom’s Epic Response After Getting Cropped From Her Daughter’s Picture Will Make Your Day

Indian Moms are well known for the desi kind of love which is quite affectionate, crazy and hilarious at the same time. One should never mess up with them unless the sun rises in the west and sets in the east.

Such incident took place very recently with an Indian family based in the United States. We people have this habit of taking hundreds of photographs as an idea to have memories, most of the times we often end up missing some individual photos with our loved and exclusive ones, then we end up cropping the photographs as per our requirements.

Now, the story that took place in this Indian family is quite hilarious and sweet.

An Indo-American woman, Abeera Tariq, a resident of Maryland, United States tweeted about her experience with her Mom, and the tweet went viral attracting the Netizens globally.

Here is the full family picture!

Abeera attended her cousin’s wedding with her family. Hundreds of pictures were taken at the function, but she couldn’t find one where she was only with her brothers. To get one such picture, Abeera cropped her mother out of one and all hell broke loose.

This is how the cropped picture along with results looked like,

Noticing this picture,  Abeera’s Mom shot multiple messages to her daughter for cropping her out of the picture.

Soon after her getting the messages from her Mom, Abeera shared them through her Twitter handle and people went mad over the post, including the westerners admiring the cuteness of her Mom.

Some epic reactions were as follows:

So, this is straight enough to undertsand that don’t ever dare to crop your Mom out of the picture!


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