This Pic Trolling ‘Demonetization In India’ Is Going Viral On Twitter

We all know that the Prime minister Narendra Modi announced demonetization on November 8th. But the after effects of demonetization on social media were quite appreciating and hilarious at the same time.

NASA released picture of queue in India


The other side of the story starts going places when it reaches Social media. Those photographs of garlands on old 500 and 100 notes, counter memes on big shots are no more, but netizens reached a whole new level on trolling the after effects of demonetization.

The picture below depicting the situation of people standing in a queue to exchange or withdraw their money is going viral on Twitter. This time people on social media didn’t compromise on including NASA in the photo-shopped image.


Whatever the kind of issue is, or the trouble is, there are various social media windows to pull fun out of everything. These hilarious posts can undoubtedly put smiles every face.

The collection of re-tweets and comments on the photograph equally multiplied the fun graph.

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