This Place in India Follows A Disgusting Way of Earning Money, Through Renting Their Wives!

India is said to be a growing economy and largest democracy. Though in books we Indians love to tell respect women and all sort of things. The reality is just opposite of it. Two of the biggest problem in our country combined at a place called Shivpuri in Madhya Pradesh. Poverty and women rights.



What is nothing but a living example of a combination of these two major problems in our country? The place follows a very disgusting way to earn money.

Apparently, people living here rent their wives to rich people for few thousands of rupees. Those who could not get married pays a price of renting a wife for a short period of time anywhere from one month to one year. The more you spend, the longer the duration is going to be. And at the end of the time period, the person has a decision to renew the existing arrangements or to move on to next.



What really comes as a surprise that this practice is set so deep in the minds of women there. That no one even comes forward to file a complaint. And the rich take advantage of their poverty and illiteracy. Probably most of the women don’t even know that they have rights and don’t have to live like this. And those who know have drowned so deep in this, they have accepted that there is no hope for them. And all this is if any woman is asked or told about their rights. Most don’t even have someone even to ask her what would she choose otherwise.

The condition is so bad that it would take generations to overcome this mindset completely, and that also even if this practice is completely abolished. Women start getting an education and learns about their rights. Which is far from reality.



What surprises us that nobody talks about them, even though everyone knows about the practices. A simple answer is given whenever asked by law enforcement. Nobody ever comes to file a complaint. It really is disgusting, when politicians talk about building home and electricity in every house. These women need to have their rights first, probably then they will need those things.

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