Twitterati Goes Crazy Over The ‘Train Caught In Between Tracks’ Picture

Be it any serious law made by the government, be it any controversial thing, everything somehow ends up being the topic of fun on the social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. On a similar note, we’ve seen the picture trolls of Kangana Ranaut’s recent comments on Hrithik Roshan during the ‘Aap Ki Adalat’ episode.

train meme viral

Amidst all this, now, a picture of the train going in between the tracks, or being stuck, is going viral for various reasons. People on the Internet are relating the picture to their daily lives, It is all the position of the train that triggered the humorous comments.  It literally tickled the meme-makers to interpret it in their own way.

There is one netizen who said that the picture is replicating the situation of a man caught in between wife and mother, another one thought it aptly explained getting caught between passion and career.

The following tweets are somehow not worthy to miss,

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