Two Friends Play Ghost Prank On Their 3rd Friend! What Happens Next Is ‘Horrifying’!

Mostly, everyone is scared of one thing in common  is ‘Ghost’ either it may be a small boy or an old person. Yes, just at the thought of a ghost hovering nearby, you start trembling, isn’t it? Often, we see friends playing various pranks on each other, the favorite one being the ‘Ghost prank’. Have you ever tried doing so?


Sometimes, you may be successful in scaring the hell out of your friends, but there must have also been times, when this prank backfires you in the most unexpected way. Yes or no..?

Yes, a ghost prank went horribly wrong when a panicked boy hits a friend who has pretended to be a ghost and left him bloody on the ground. Well, PrankChuu has come up with a hilarious ghost prank; we bet you will go ROFL after watching the climax.

What happens is that 2 friends make a plan of playing a ghost prank on their 3rd friend (Who is yet to come) and keep their cameras ready, so as to enjoy and have fun! But what happens next is completely ‘Unexpected’! Want to watch the video? Here you go…

Watch the video here: 

This is what is called a ‘Prank gone wrong’. We hope you had a great time watching the video; do share your comments in our comments section below.

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