US Woman Takes A Selfie At Art Exhibition That Costed Her Rs 1 Crore, Check Out The CCTV Footage

Parallel to the fun, selfies have already caused enough damage to the mankind. One can acknowledge a plethora of accidents people experienced while trying to take the weird selfies. Some fell down into the wild animals cages, some simply lost their lives risking for selfies in the adventure sports.

One must be firmly aware of the surroundings while attempting to take a selfie. And yes! our precious life is simply incomparable to the number of likes our selfie bags on Facebook or Twitter.

A similar scenario has happened when a woman from Los Angeles stumbled while taking a selfie. The video was recorded by the CCTV cameras. She abruptly fell on the art piece causing a damage of worth $200,000 in the art exhibition.

us woman selfie worth Rs 1 crore

This happened at the 14th Factory exhibition space in Lincoln Heights, Los Angeles. According to the video, she knelt down on her knees to take the picture, an entire row of the Hypercaine exhibition by Hong Kong-based artist Simon Birch and a series of international collaborators have fallen down all of sudden.

It is believed that the artwork featured in the footage is termed as the domino effect. The damaged structures were composed of valuable metals, marble, wood, nylon and scrap metal all at one place.

When asked about the details, Gloria Yu, one of the artists involved in the exhibition, has said: “three sculptures were permanently damaged and others to varying degrees. The approximate cost of damage is $200,000 (Rs 1 Crore).”

Watch the video here:

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