WATCH: This Video Of Ultimate Combat Between Two Leopards And A Python Will Leave You Stunned

Looking at the fiercely wild animals like tigers, leopards and lions itself give us goosebumps. And specifically, the combat and the preying videos are more often interesting than the former.

Meanwhile, the videos of the rarest wide animals like Pythons and Leopards are a bit intriguing compared to the commonly available Cheetah and Deer videos. Wilder the animals are deadlier the video. Now imagine how mind blogging a video of a fight between python and leopards will be.

Now add one more leopard to your imagination and bang on! Here’s the video, which is now going viral on social media, especially YouTube. This video of the lethal battle between two equally strong opponents is shot by a group of tourists and later posted by Kruger National Park, South Africa.

In the details, both the leopards, a mother and her cub are seen pouncing on the python with all their might. However, the mighty reptile known for its aggressiveness hits back a strong sense of vengeance. As the big cats try attacking the python, while ensuring not to get bitten in the process, the giant snake does manage to give some scary moments to both the cats.

Watch The Video Here:

Video Source: Kruger National Park

Within a short span of upload, this video garnered more than 475K views on YouTube and is now on a high swing on the Internet.

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