Woman Suspects Her Husband Having An Extramarital Affair, Chopped Off Her Husband’s Genitals, Carried Them In Her Purse

Rest In Peace 21st Century! The most unusual incident took place at Tamil Nadu and is going viral after the police discovered the convict. The news came to limelight soon after she was caught.

Conflicts between a husband and his wife are quite common, but, things that happened in this story are completely absurd and insane. Out of the serious grudge she developed on her husband, the wife has committed a mundane act, she ended up chopping off her husband’s genitals while he was sleeping.

She didn’t stop there, she kept those parts in her purse and quietly slipped off the house at early morning. However, the incident has reached media after the woman was arrested by the Gudiyattam police, who identified her as Sarasu from near Thuthipattu, Tamil Nadu.

Sources claim that the 30-year-old Sarasu had been living separately in her parent’s house for almost a year now, though their four children were still staying at Gudiyattam at their paternal grandparent’s house. It is heard that the couple has been married for 14 years but were living separately from the very soon after their marriage.

Earlier this month, the couple tried to reconcile their differences. However, they used to quarrel frequently and suspect each other of having an illicit affair. Following the series of suspicious incidents, the situation went off the hands on Wednesday night. Sarasu also blamed him and accused him of bringing his mistress to the house while she wasn’t there.

On that day, her husband, Jagadeesan, came home drunk and picked up a quarrel with his wife. Talking about the same, the inspector has said:

“He also repeatedly told his wife that she had grown old and he was going to get married to another woman. We arrested the woman today (Friday) when she was on her way to her parents’ house in V Kotta. She was carrying in her purse the chopped off part of her husband’s genital.”  

Meanwhile, A Krishnamoorthy, special sub-inspector of police was quoted saying, “The wordy quarrel continued till 2 am on Thursday and he went to sleep. Around 3 am, Sarasu brought a sharp knife from the kitchen and cut off her husband’s penis and left the house with the chopped off part.” 

As of now, it is believed that Jagadeesan is out of danger, following the severe surgeries he underwent at the Government Vellore Medical College Hospital.

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