Woman Dries Her Underwear Under AC Vent On Packed Flight, Video Goes Viral

There are several documentations of mid-flight horror tales on the Internet where the passengers were subjected to an unappealing sight on a flight. It could be an annoying co-passenger intruding your space or simply a manner less person on a horrific farting spree. If you guys think that things cannot get weirder than this, then you are absolutely wrong.


In yet another bizarre incident in mid-air, a female passenger was caught on camera drying an underwear under the AC vent of what appears to be a packed flight. Yes, she holds up the underwear and keeps on doing that for quite some time.

According to the reports, the incident took place on a commercial flight that took off from Antalya, Turkey heading to Moscow. The same report claims that the unidentified woman did that for about 20-minutes much to the disgust and dismay of her fellow co-passengers.

Woman dries her underwear under AC vent in flight

The video was supposedly shot by a passenger who was sitting behind the woman. The unidentified passenger was holding up a white underwear, can be seen flipping it over now and then to dry it under the AC vent.

Despite watching the disgusting scene, the fellow passengers did not revoke or raise the issue with the woman and instead kept quiet. They looked bewildered and silent. The clip, shot on February 14, was sent to Russia’s ‘The First Tula’ website that shared the clip on YouTube.

Watch The Video Here:

The viral video has hit the Internet and has drawn mixed reactions online. While some felt that this was an embarrassing and a shameful incident in a flight full of passengers. Some defending the female passenger that it’s not a bad idea to multitask during a long trip.

The bizarre incident comes just days after an elderly passenger’s uncontrolled flatulence led a flight to make an emergency landing. The plane flying from Dubai to Amsterdam was forced to make an impromptu stop in Vienna after an in-flight scuffle broke out because the passenger won’t stop farting.

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