Flipkart delivered Mangoes Instead of A Mobile Phone

We have seen many cases when Flipkart has misplaced the orders many times. We also know that Flipkart has been accused many times for making fraud. Here is one such scenario where Flipkart has sent a pair of Mangoes to a person in Karimnagar instead of A Mobile Phone.

It was known that he paid Rs. 8099 on May 26th via credit card and ordered mobile phone on Flipkart Official website.
flipkart sending mangoes instead of mobile phone

After he has received a wrong delivery they called the flipkart customer support but the response from them was very much delayed. Due to this he informed the same to the Media and this turned one more fraud cases by Flipkart.

This is not the first time Flipkart has been caught red handed. There are many such cases and recently they were also caught increasing the prices of products on their website.

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