Viral Video: Hungry Shark Bites the Cage & Terrifies Tourists, Shocking!!

A Couple Of tourists  exploring all that the coast of Mossel Bay, South Africa has to offer were utterly unprepared for what shark diving actually entailed.The monster nice white shark they had been diving with wasn’t precisely satisfied with the bait supplied, so it attacked the cage and even bent some of its bars in an try to reach the individuals inside.Thankfully, the cage was able to withstand the shark’s bite.


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Shark Cage-diving: a sport where you are in a cage, which is lowered into the sea, and a great white shark comes and everyone oohs and aahs and the shark usually watches you and your fellow cage-divers in disdain. Ok we added the disdain bit, but seriously cage-diving sounds like a ridiculous activity to undertake on your vacation.

The below video where a shark decided to bite on the cage while terrified tourists screamed in terror, just proves our point. The Great White shark went straight for the bars and even bent some of them.  The video was shot by tourists  in  Mossel Bay, South Africa where shark cage-diving is quite a popular touristy activity.


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Maybe the shark had enough of all cage-diving tourists and decided to have a go in order to stop this for sometime. –

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