Cobra Safeguards 2 Puppies For 48 Hours

Here is an interesting story circulating widely on the internet for some time now about a venomous king cobra safeguarding pups. We believe that any animal won’t attack instinctively people or other animals. They are inhibited by the Mother nature to use the venom in them in search of food to survive in the food chain.

If you have ever confronted a wild cobra snake, you might have noticed that it fears a human much and most of the time, it flees away. Or else, it makes a hissing sound, which we can consider as a warning sign saying to not to mess with it. If you are still there standing in front of the snake, then it chases you or bites you and find its way.

In the story we are sharing now, the puppies in the pic are too big to swallow as its food

The confidence of children is amazing. They are very kind to all humans who ill-treat their children on the basis of their gender or in-capabilities.

Coming to the incident happened; it took place in Punjab, India, where two pups fell by accident into a well. This happened while two kids are playing with their siblings and the owner of the pups got to see two pups missing in the group and then found the Mother dog barking near a shallow well.

When a man found the puppies in the well along with a King Cobra snake, which was supposed to be a threat for all the animals, and also for a man, was found safeguarding the pups from not getting drowned when the pups moved towards the danger area of the well. Though many people gathered around, none of them have the courage to get into the well and save the pups since the snake was around them.

Later on, the pups and the snake remained like that in the well for a long time of 48 hours, until a forest authority came and rescued the pups and then the snake was released into the forest by them.

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