Durex Asked Why 95% Indians Don’t Use Condoms, And Got The Best Ever Reply From This Indian Guy

There is a huge list of taboos in India when it comes to sexual education, and it is of no surprise. The Multi-National companies try their best to market their products in the sub-continent considering the population India has.

Coming to the point, we are now talking about a condom brand Durex. Starting from introducing a weirdly flavored condoms to thanking people for becoming their customer, popular condom brand Durex has done it all. The condom brand has even done many out-of-the-box stuff to make its marketing and advertisement. And now, it is again in the headline for its funny tweet and the replies it has got from the fans

Well, in one of its recent tweets, Durex India has put up a question why 95 per cent of the Indians do not use condoms. The company has asked the people on Twitter to give reasons and their opinions.

Here is the tweet.

For obvious reasons, the tweet has gained a lot of attention and gave enough stuff for the Twitter users a chance to use their ‘creative’ minds and thoughts and of course, they are funny.

Check out these replies Durex India got. We have listed out the best replies here.

These are a mixture of cliché and serious replies and the tweet below caught everyone’s attention. This guy replied to Durex’s question which left everyone in splits. Here is the tweet.

Ummm.. Can you give a better reply than him? Do share your views in the comment section below.

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