This ‘Goat With Human’s Face’ Video Is Today’s Internet Sensation, Watch The Video

There is no doubt that this century is full of bizarre hybrids, be it the white Lion or the tiger, there are many unintentional hybrid beings that ruled the internet in their respective times.

However, this incident that took place in a random Indian village is on the top of everything, as here a hybrid of goat and a human has been encountered, the video footage of the animal has perplexed internet users as to just what’s gone wrong with it.

goat with human face

The video uploader quoted her post as: “A strange creature has been discovered in India, the animal, whose shape resembles that of a human being, terrified a whole village.”

In the footage posted, the goat is seen flicking out its tongue at the camera, which makes it look even more like a person.

As of now, it is the second strange goat to have been spotted in India in a matter of months. In May, a kid was born with only one eye, right in the middle of its face – making it look like a Cyclops.

goat-has human face

Meanwhile, the owners had different take contrary to the ‘demon goat-name’, they said that they were happy the goat had been born on their property because people were coming to see them, earning them fame.

The facial features of the animal appeared to have a structure like that of a human. Its delicate nose and lips also appear to be bent upwards forming a pout on its face.

Watching the video it is quite clear that the nose also resembles that of a human rather than the snout of a goat.

Watch the video and full post here:

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