Do You Know The Mystery Behind The Letter “X” On Your Palm? Check What It Indicates

Although it seems that the lines on the palm of our hand are a just ordinary mess, they actually can say a lot to us. The lines on the palms talk about your character and destiny. The lines on the palm of your left hand is your destiny and the lines on the palm of your right hand is the one you are creating with what you are doing in your life and the results of your choices.

If you are a right handed person, the lines of your left hand indicate the character traits, personality, and destiny you are born with. In case, if you are a left-handed individual, it is vice-versa.

All this while, we heard of four major lines- heart line, head line, life line, and fate line that revealed a lot about personalities, relationships, destiny, life and death. We have already shared with you how palm lines are linked to your marriage or love and relationships, and what half moon on your palm reveals about your personality.

But, this time, we have come up with the ‘Letter X’ that you might be carrying on your palms. Yes, the ‘Letter X’ defines a person’s strong character, let us find more about it.

Palmistry is an ancient art of foretelling the future through palm lines. It is also said that the practice of reading palm has its roots followed back to Indian astrology.

Maharishi Valmiki composed a book about it a few thousand years ago and since then, it spread throughout the world like a wildfire. Although most believe palmistry to be superstition, others consider it an ancient science.

Alexander: The Great had a deep interest in palmistry and he used to read his own palms. It is even said that Alexander planned his life according to his palm lines.

Yes, Alexander was so influenced by the practice that he put it to evaluate people on the basis of their palms. Some even say that Alexander studied his own palm to strategize his life and that no one had such intricate lines and markings like his.

Also, no one else had lines or symbols like he had on his palms. But, there is no such affirming evidence that could say about Alexander’s lines and palms. Scholars even believed that Alexander had a unique marking on his hand i.e. letter ‘X’.

But what’s such unique about it?

Well, Egyptian scholars mention that he had the marking of the letter X on his palm, which according to them is rarely found in others. And of late, it was discovered that only 3% of the world population carry the same marking or letter ‘X’ on their palms.

A leading University called The STI University of Moscow conducted a research on the possession of letter ‘X’ on the palms and its association with the fate of the people who have it. The University came up with the result that those individuals, living or dead, who carried letter ‘X’ on their palms were either the leaders or pioneers with extraordinary skills.

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‘The popular individuals who have or had this letter include:

Greek emperor Alexander The Great and President Abraham Lincoln. Also, one of them is Russian President Vladimir Putin.

So, all those people having letter ‘X’ on their palms might be more effective and highly efficient, smartest of all, great leadership qualities and great knowledge. They are intuitive and they easily forgive but yes they do not forget anything.

Those people with the letter ‘X’ are found to be powerful and lucky. It is said that they easily adapt themselves to the situations around them.

Now it’s time for you to analyze. Do you have that letter ‘X’ on your palms? 

Hence, if you do in fact have the ‘X’ marking on your palm, know that you are really a special person. If you enjoyed this post, make sure you share it with your friends and family.

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