Watch: Children Were Allowed Into A Lion’s Cage. Then, A Girl Was Attacked

Here is a shocking footage captured on the mobile phone that shows a lion cub attacking a young girl in Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. She has escaped fortunately within just a few cuts. This is not the shocking incident we were talking about. The more shocking incident is the lion was part of the bizarre activity in a festival organized as part of the Jeddah Spring Festival. This is a festival where the children were allowed to play and run around with a 6-month-old cub.

There is a video making rounds in the Snapchat with multiple versions are circulating online. The cub is seen running about inside a cage. As music blares in the background in the party, the children, some of theme who laugh with charm and delight and the others who appear to be apprehensive are chasing the animal in the circles around the cage. In the video, none of them looks like more than 10-year-old kids.

As you can see, there is only one adult – the animal trainer can be seen in the footage.

In the video, you can see a cub with a little girl, spotted alone and corners her. Just within a fraction of few seconds, the animal pins her against the wall. As the little girl struggles to let herself go, she tries to kick the lion away but loses her balance. The lion-cub then pins her to the ground.

With this incident, the other children scream in terror, and the animal trainer finally reaches the spot and succeeds in pulling the cub off the little girl.

As he finds it hard to control the animal, a few more children pull the little girl to keep her safe.

Watch the video:

Disclaimer: The content in this video could be disturbing for some viewers.

The animal trainer said that the lion-cub was attracted to the little girl’s butterfly clip. The Saudi Gazette has quoted the animal trainer’s tweet and the reports that the cub had been declawed and it had been trained to be with the human beings.

However, this shocking footage went viral with many curiously asking why no one was concerned with the safety of the children.

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