Meet The Pilot Riding Everyone’s Heart

The video of Priya Prakash Warrier is still fresh in the views of many people and here is one more girl arrived to steal our heart with her beauty.

There was once a time when we were not aware of the people who used to stay in our locality or close by or not aware of any of the details. As the time passed, with the updates of technology, we are now getting to know a person and even get close to them even though they are miles away from us with the help of the social media sites.

It is the social media that is helping us over these years to get to know each other and to stay in touch with each other and to get to know more people and many people are becoming famous for various reasons.

Do you remember a chai wala from Pakistan Arshad Khan who became an internet sensation overnight from a single pic posted by someone which turned out to be in his favor and landed him with modeling contracts and film offers. This was only for a few days and the internet gets a new sensation every time they get to find someone new. It was Priya Prakash Warrier last week and this week, it is Huma Liaqat.

Huma Liaqat is a pilot from Pakistan Airlines from Karachi. She is the new internet sensation now. A recent selfie of her is getting everyone’s attention.

Her journey of fame on the internet started after she posted the pictures of her before flying in the airport.

Huma is extremely beautiful and can give competition to any model in the industry.

For her selfie, she has received many love letters from her fans all over and her followers increased. Many men are fascinated by her beauty.

However, here is a bad news about her. She is already hitched and is living in the United States of America with her husband.

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