WHAT? Cops Arrested This Squirrel For Various Criminal Acts

It has been barely a week and another animal arrest has taken place. This time, this isn’t in India. The incident took place in a town named Sea Girt in USA’s New Jersey, this is a place where Christmas tree lighting ceremony is celebrated in a grand manner. But unlike every year, this year, the ceremony was about to get affected as the wires of the lights were found cut before the occasion.

squirrel arrested for crime

Interrogating the situation, Police earlier believed that Christmas hating vandals were making mischief but soon officials found the culprit. The culprit was a four-legged squirrel and no vandal.

And, just as there is only one day left for the ceremony, officials brought in reinforcements and rushed to the site to repair the severed wires so the event could go as per schedule. This is not all they also decided to keep an eye on the tree to catch the culprit. But no vandalism happened and the whole ceremony was celebrated ideally without any hiccups from vandals.

squirrel arrested for crime in new jersey

Now, a day later, police officials caught the squirrel in action who was trying to cut the wires again in the neighborhood.

Infuriated with the act of squirrel they charged the squirrel and also took photographs as proof for the trials. Yes, they photographed squirrel who was nibbling on the wires. What is weirder is that the police department of Sea Girt proudly showed off their work on how they nabbed the squirrel on social media site Facebook.

Check out the Facebook post here:

Talking about this, the police officer addressed Dailymail, “It tells me they definitely wanted to do it and they want to accomplish their goal of making sure the lights don’t work.” However, the poor animal was charged with “Criminal mischief” and was arrested but the animal was later released on bail.

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