These 10 Double Meaning Pictures Are So Funny That You Can’t Stop Laughing

Sometimes being dirty can be a good thing. Be it physically or mentally. If you want to pull out someone’s dirty thoughts, show them a double- meaning meme and wait for them to go crazy. Do you know the magic of these jokes? The double meaning and funny nature can be pulled out even from a mundane situation. These pictures are sure to crack you up even when you are at your worst.

1. Congrats, you found it

Who thought this will be a good idea for the signboard? Pictures like these can easily give you a dose of double meaning at the same being funny.

2. Erotic temperature

What? Are we joking? If this cock shaped cloud doesn’t bring double meaning thoughts in your mind then you are of no use.

3. Intangible 

If you took it as a pen holder then you are clean as a slate and missing out on the funny things of life. Double meaning pictures are not your forte.

4. What’s the stain?

When you got a white stain on your bed and your mom asks you questions. This candy is the perfect example of double meaning pictures.

5. Do I cut it, or, lick it?

Yes, this is the grave question that this cake possesses. If such pictures don’t bring out your double meaning skills then I don’t want will.

6. Now, that’s a treat

Talk about a deal and here it is. Deals should really be this satisfying. We don’t want a ludicrous deal but satisfying one.

7. When pictures aren’t funny but IDs are

This is one of the best pictures in this whole lot. It’s not full of double meaning, it’s just a mere confusion with the homonyms. Whatever it is, it is funny as hell.

That’s like Spiderman

Only Spiderman can blast tissues from his rear. We should thank people who jittered their sense of double meaning on these funny pictures.

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