This Girl Received A Dirty Message On Facebook. Her Reply To That Guy Is Just Epic

Not just in real life, girls have a tough time just being on social media too. There are innumerable perverts on social media who keep on flooding their inbox with filthy messages. Thanks to the Facebook filter, these messages don’t show up directly in Inbox. But still, if they open the Message Requests folder, it’s a big pain to take the messages down as they are way too dirty and way too often.

Up recently, the girls have stopped shying away from the problem and they openly confront it. In the recent past, we’ve seen many girls talking about such things openly on the social media and bringing such people down to shame.

However, what happened recently was something even more interesting and genuinely funny. A girl was approached by some random guy for sexting on social media. The girl decided to teach him a lesson but with a unique way, so this is what happened next





You see, how this girl gave a befitting reply to the moron in his own way and it was funny too.

The girl who is on Twitter with a username @bridgetstfu shared the snapshots with her followers. Take a look-

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