This Sim Launches Services Which Are Cheaper Than Jio!!

Jio came as a revolution in the market of the telecom industry and bowled all the other telecom companies in one sweep by introducing revolutionary plans. Jio is the prime reason why there is huge fall in the prices on the internet and calling facilities and we can never thank Jio enough for that.

When Jio was introduced it gave free internet and unlimited calls to all its users and later on started charging money for the same. But do you know one more telecom company is following the route of Jio and offered one-year free internet services with unlimited calling facility? Don’t believe us? Then read on to find out about this new revolution in the telecom industry.

Though Jio has a huge number of customers, Jio is not able to deliver expected services to its customers as sometimes the data connection is very slow and also few customers have experienced call dropping and various other network coverage issues. This new SIM company is promising to deliver much better services than Jio in the country. Okay now, let me end your curiosity and reveal the name of this new competitor to Jio.

This new SIM is being launched by a Japan-based company Mobal which is planning to launch sims in all the countries at a time and the interesting update is that this sim will be working if there is a tower near your area which means no matter which telecom network’s tower is nearby, it picks the signal from them and provide high-speed services to it’s customers.

Hence, there won’t be a need for any new telecom towers also which will reduce a great amount of radiation. Well, this company is ready to give a year free internet and unlimited calling.We have to wait and watch how Jio will tackle its new competitor who is giving high-speed internet facilities at free of cost.

It’ll be interesting how Akash Ambani, the chief strategist of Jio will bring an alternative and retain its huge customer base in the country. What do you think of this new telecom revolution? Do you think Mobal will win against Jio or will Jio retain its customers and win the game once again? Do comment and let us know your opinion about the incident.

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