What This Girl Did This After A Boy Snapped Her Bra At School – Perfect Mum Response

In a male dominant country like India, crime against women is not a new thing. There have been endless numbers of cases, which include various offences against women. Also, the women who have to suffer these tragedies are not just elder ladies but rather include girls of almost all the age groups, may it be little innocent school going girl or the experienced old ladies who have seen the world. However, the worst part of such happenings is that, some orthodox or conservative people still find excuses to validate such cruel misdeeds. Such people instead of punishing the guilty, feel it right to blame the female counterpart for an act, in which they themselves have been the prime victim.

One such disgraceful attempt of molestation:

One such shameful activity took place in the temple of knowledge, best known as “school”. The incident occurred in the school premises during one of the lectures, when in between the lecture, one of the male classmates of the girl student started to snap her bra strap. He continued this act for several times, which made the girl feel sexually assaulted. She asked him to stop harassing her but the boy refused to stop this disgraceful act and continued to harass her. All this was the result of the old orthodox and male chauvinist thought, that boys are always superior to girls and they have the complete right to bully them and tease them for the sake of their pleasure.

However, this girl was not the typical girl next door type of. She decided to give him an answer that he deserved and that so in terms that he understood. This led her to punch the boy twice, in order to stop him and as a reflex action of self defense. The story till here describes how cleverly the girl reacted to this intolerable act of harassment but later what happened is enough to boil your blood.

The school authority that should have taken actions against the wrong doer, the boy, they simply took action against the victim of the case, the girl. Instead of encouraging girl’s bravery to counteract the acts of assault, they blamed her on charges of physically assaulting her batch mate. Moreover, instead of complaining to the boy’s family about his misdeeds, they call off for the girl’s mother to ascertain that her brave girl was being claimed wrong for protecting herself. Her mother was told that the daughter had physically attacked her class mate rather than telling that she has been assaulted.

Insensitive behavior of the authorities:

The mother told that she was directed to the head office, where she saw a boy with red face and stains of blood around his nose already present there along with his parents. She was then told in utter inhuman manner, how her daughter reacted to the sexual assault and hit back on the guy. She became very astonished and at the same time more angry and annoyed on the fact, that the authority were not at all considerable about her daughter who was the actual victim, and instead supported the sinner boy. So, she furiously asked them, if they wanted her to charge claims against the sexual assault committed by the boy and go to the higher authorities for the sake of justice for her daughter. To which, the school committee present there reacted in the most insensitive and jittery way they could.  Moreover, they straightaway refused to claim the indecent act of harassing or even a serious act, to which one should have reacted this way.

This made the mother of victim infuriated at the thought, that the place which is meant to teach students the difference between right and wrong, could not itself distinguish between self defense and hitting a boy, who tried to sexually harass the girl. Over all this, the comment of the head that she was over reacting and has missed the point and to add to all this, the boy’s mother started to cry, ignoring which she turned to her daughter for the exact details of what had happened.

The daughter then told her mother how her class mate tried to sexually assault her in the premises and even after when she asked him to stop; he did not and continued his disrespectful attempt to harass her. Also, she told her that when she complained to the teacher about it, he asked her to ignore him instead of scolding, him which indeed encouraged the boy even more and he once again tried to undo her bra. Agitated by which, she punched him on the face just to protect herself from the sexual assault, which the school authority are forcefully terming as physical striking on the boy.

And this is how the mother taught them all a good lesson:

After listening to this whole incident, the mother questioned the teacher about why did he not stop the guy? To which the teacher directly refused, that no such incident has taken place. She asked him how he would feel, if someone just intrudes his trousers or how the third lady weeping there (boy’s mother) would have reacted, if the same incident had occurred to herself. On this point the head made the most intimidating comment that the main point was that, her daughter has after all beaten the boy. Seeing the situation getting more and more offensive and insensitive, the mother could not resist her anger and her frustration flowed out over everyone present there.

She said that it is pitiful that those people could not understand that her daughter hit the boy as a reflex action to protect her and were of no good, if they could not stop such an objectionable occurring to a girl of just fifteen. She said that she was taking her daughter back to home and warned the boy about not to even dare to touch her daughter or else he will have to face legal tactics and will be jailed in charges of sexually harassing a girl. She left the room but her struggle did not end here.

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