Woman Explains How She Fell In Love With A Homeless Man In Amsterdam

Matches are made in heaven and love is found in mysterious ways. Today’s story is a strange one about a woman named Emmy who is a 41-year-old found her love in a homeless man. She described her love life in her book ‘How To Fall In Love With A Man Who Lives In A Bush’. She beautifully described how she fell in love with a homeless man in her book and lived with it.

She says that her story started when she got to sit next to a stranger waiting for her friend in Amsterdam. Read the story of Emmy in her own words.

“A man came and sat down next to me. ‘What time is it?’ he asked. ‘Ten to seven,’ I replied. I could tell by his badly worn clothes, knotted beard and dirty fingernails that he was homeless. But from that very first contact, I felt the chemistry between us.

For the next 10 minutes, we chatted non-stop. I found out that his name was Vic and he was 25. A 197 cm tall and with deep brown eyes, he immediately seemed attractive to me. Vic certainly didn’t act like he was homeless, he was so confident! He was five years younger than me and lives on the street! I told myself, pushing aside romantic thoughts. When my friend arrived, I said goodbye to Vic. ‘Saturday, 3 pm, the same bench,’ he said before walking away.

Over the next week, I couldn’t stop thinking about him. He’s so intriguing, I thought. Happily single and having landed a three-week freelance job working on a film in Amsterdam, my life was good. So, six days after meeting Vic, I found myself sitting back on that same bench. After waiting for 20 minutes, he hadn’t arrived.

Just as I was thinking about giving up, Vic came towards me. What am I doing here? I wondered. But I couldn’t stop smiling. For the next six hours as we walked and talked, I discovered Vic had become homeless after arriving from his native Canada and running out of money. ‘I’ve been living on the street for six months,’ he told me. ‘At the moment I’m living under a bush in the park.’ He had no qualifications to his name and very little education. By contrast, I had a university education and spoke five languages. We’re polar opposites, I said to myself.”

That is how Emmy fell in love with Vic and got married. His career took a good turn and he somehow completed engineering and started working as a Mechanical engineer. Emmy and Vic are blessed with twins now.

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