HIV Positive Man Kills Woman To Take Revenge Against Her Son

A HIV-positive RTV driver has been arrested for allegedly killing a woman in order to take revenge against her son, who, he suspected, had sent a HIV-positive sex worker to his house. The incident occurred in Outer Delhi’s Vijay Vihar area in April this year. Deputy Commissioner of Police (Outer district) Vikramjit Singh said the incident came to light on April 21, after they received a call about a woman being found dead in the area. A police team went to the spot and sent her body for an autopsy. The woman was identified as Shanti Devi and the cops launched a probe into the matter after filing a case.

HIV-positive man kills woman to take revenge against her son

Actually What Happened?

The man used to be a regular at a local brothel and claimed to have contracted the disease from a sex worker. He said the woman’ s son had knowingly sent over the HIV positive sex worker to him. In April, he went for a check-up at BSA Hospital for treatment of kidney pain. Doctors conducted several blood tests, including the HIV test, which came back positive.

The accused said he later came to know that it was his friend who had sent an HIV-positive sex worker to his house to take revenge for an earlier quarrel. The accused then started planning ways to take revenge against his friend, who had shifted to Siwan.

HIV plus man Decided to kill his friend’s mother:

The accused decided to kill his friend’s mother. On the day of the incident, the accused found the woman alone in a narrow alley near his house. Anil’s mother Shanti Devi was found murdered in Vijay Vihar Phase-2 resident with multiple stab wounds on her body. Her head was crushed with a stone.

The eyewitness said the murder was committed by one Shyam. A search was launched at several places where he was known to have worked in the past. His native place was traced. Three months after the incident, police received a tip-off that the accused would be visiting his village on July 7.

Police teams were sent to Bihar and the man was arrested on July 7 for the murder he had committed on April 21 and produced in a Bihar court for transit remand before being brought to Delhi.

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