Amazing! 500 Rupee Notes Showers Down Near Banke Bihari Temple

Have you ever imagined a monkey showering bundles of Rs 500 notes over you? This bizarre incident occurred in Vrindavan on Saturday. The holy city of Banke Bihari saw the rain of money instead of water droplets. According to reports, a monkey was seen showering bundles of Rs 500 notes — Rs 1.5 lakh in all. Seeing the notes flying about, a large number of people rushed to collect what they could.

As per the eye-witnesses, a monkey at the Banke Bihari temple snatched purse from a devotee who came all the way from Mumbai along with her family for a trip. The purse had three bundles of Rs-500 notes, claimed the victim.

Amazing! 500 Rupee Notes Showers Down Near Banke Bihari Temple

Monkey showers Rs 1.5 lakh over Banke Bihari temple in Vrindavan:

50-year-old Hemvati Sonkar, along with his husband and two daughters was on a trip to Agra, Mathura and Vrindavan. The family resides in Borivali, Mumbai and was set to return to New Delhi to take a flight back to Mumbai on Sunday.

After paying their respects at the Krishna Janambhoomi and Dwarikadheesh temples in Mathura, they had stopped at the famous Banke Bihari temple on Saturday afternoon. After offering prayers in the temple, which closed past noon, the family did a round of shopping at roadside shops.

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They were in the narrow lanes near Banke Bihari when what seemed like a giant simian swooped down and snatched the woman’s bag near the Vankhandi tri-section around 2pm. The bag had three bundles of Rs 500 notes — Rs 1.5 lakh in all.

Here’s what happened when a monkey showered Rs 1.5 lakh over people:

The monkey, then sat atop a shop on a ledge, opened the bag and began to wave the notes. It then managed to unbundle the notes and fling them in the air. The passers-by seeing the notes flying rushed to collect them. Kids, shopkeepers and few beggars were able to collect the falling notes.

However some of the youths were also among those collecting the flying notes but they generously returned the notes to the family. The woman and her family left the place with a heavy hearts and did not registered a police complaint.

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The monkey menace is quite prevalent in the Vrindavan and known to steal expensive cameras, phones and sunglasses. Even Preseident Pranab Mukherjee was warned of the menace when he wanted to visit Vrindavan last November. Even recently, a 75-year-old man Madhav Kunj reportedly died by falling from a terrace due to monkeys chasing him.

Sanjay Jaiswal, Vrindavan police inspector told to Times of India that he was aware of the incidents but no one approached him with a formal complaint.

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